My grandfather wasn’t wealthy and he didn’t care about welfare.

He worked each day of his life ten hours a day.

He didn’t care about richness.

He worked all the day.

Sowing and hoeing. Sowing and hoeing.

He was a good man but let me say, if it was for him, my family would be much poorer.

Fortunately he was married.

My grandmother too didn’t care about welfare. But she understood money can be used for the welfare of her children.

Beware of her poor education she simply understood about the possible growth of the real estate market.

She contracted debts with her relatives for buying seven apartments, one for each child.

Of sure, both my grandparents were wonderful.

The difference was that my grandmother decided to contract debts. Now I can say: good debts.

Maybe it’s thank to her that I have attended university.

Anyway she wasn’t wealthy as she worked all the day like my grandfather.

My parents as my grandparents worked all the day.

They provided me with everything I needed.

They grow me up as best they can.

But they spent all their time for earning money.

And they spent all their money for paying taxes and bills.

They didn’t have enough time and resources for developing their own financial education.

Today they are retired.

Maybe it’s thank to them I have had enough time for growing my financial intelligence.

Passing to our days. I started to develop my financial education through the Dollar Bill.

It’s not easy to become wealthy. In any case I think and I have always thought it’s more difficult to be poor.

When I was poor my goal was to make more and more money.

And cash was used for paying bills and taxes.

Today I’m wealthy.

In the past I was poor. I worked much for nothing.

If you have a job – in pubs, in restaurants or in offices – you’ll sell your time for money and you’ll never be wealthy.

I spent all my time working for someone else.

Working for puppets and puppet masters you’ll never be wealthy.

The system wants you to be poor.

I want you to be rich. I want you outrageous rich. I want you to be wealthy.

Take care of your life. Take care of your time.

Be wealthy. Be free.

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