How to Create Dynasties of Wealthy People

How to be rich with markets

How to be rich wih markets? I don’t know.

how to be rich profits

I know few people who make money in financial markets. But no one has become rich.

Sure I don’t know anyone who can explain me how to be rich with markets.

First of all, I value to specify what richness is.

I’m not referring to inner riches. It’s, of sure, the most important of all.

In this post, I’m referring to money. My dear money.

With  “how to be rich” I refer to both earning a lot of money and having free time.

Sure. You’re not rich without time.

Following markets you don’t have enough free time. You need to look at the screen many hours in a day.

How can you stay with your family?

How can you meet your friends?

How can you stay with your loved ones?

When I started to operate in the Forex scam I was so unaware, so ignorant, so incompetent that my trading was based on news. In that period I believed to become rich just trading online.

Let me to confide you a secret.

Through the Forex scam you can make a lot of money. But you will never be rich.

You can spend your life selling courses. You can live on that. But nothing else.

Forget palms, forget easy money, forget to be rich in this way.

Be aware it’s a job like another one. You need time for making money.

Trading is just a way for making money online.

So why am I focused to explain to you how to trade?

Am I foolish?

Yes. I’m foolish.

Have you looked around?

Banksters block entrepreneurs. People are without job. There are social problems everywhere.

And the Forex scam is one of the most profitable job of the world.

In my opinion it is the most beatiful job of the world.

Thanks to the Forex scam, you can understand how to make money online by yourself.

Simply using your eyes.

You don’t need Governments, Banksters, Mr Obama and so on. You only need yourself.

I’m a trader wirh profitable earnings. Maybe I’m not the best one. But I have profits.

I’m one of the 5-10% traders of the world that operate with profit.

I’m sure my experience and knowledge will help you to become financially free.

So. First rule. You should not believe to be rich with the Forex scam.

What you can do with the Forex scam and with online trading is just to understand how to make money online.

Try to find out advantages.

You will not have a boss. It’s a very profitable job.

This is the starting point. If you are able to make money independently that is a good starting point.

Now look at my profit with the Forex scam.

I totalized 300 Dollars in three hours.

how to be rich with costant profits

Not much.

I’m not a genius. But if you make money online and you make 300 Dollars every day, at the end of the week you will earn 1.500 Dollars.

In four weeks you will have 6.000 Dollars. It’s not so much. It’s true.

But I’m sure that is better than a White House employee’ s wage.

It means 72.000 Dollars per year. It could be 144.000 Dollars per year. Do you believe to be rich? No, you aren’t.

So. Instead of moaning about job if I ‘ll be in your shoes I would try to realize profits through the markets.

Instead of focusing on “how to be rich”, you should focuse on learning something that make you independent.

If you prefer having a job in the White House, if you prefer working inMc Donald’s or something like that and you are happy with it then there are two option: the first one is that we are different, the second one is that you are plagiarized by the system.

If the answer is the first one, you will not discover how to be rich with me. We have different parameters.

If the answer is the second one then following the blog you could change your mind.

If you  do not focus on how to be rich you’ll discover that making money with trading online is quite easy. Easy and silly.

If you consider a foolish trading you will be able to set two-three patterns and to exploit the price action to make profits.

You don’t need seven screens. You need the mind’s eye. You need to understand how the big players manipulate the market day after day.

Their moves are repetitious and ridicolous.

As they are playful people you need to adopt a foolish trading.

This is the latin cross on the Eur Usd, thirty minutes chart.

how to be rich with the latin cross

Now I’m profitable of fourty dollars. (AUD/CAD)

I don’t want to show you the entity of my profits but the regularity of profits.

If you focus on how to be rich you’ll be tempted to trading with money that you don’t have.

If you focus on how to be rich you’ll lose your head.

If you focus on charts your occasion will knock at the door. Maybe not soon. But before the end of the day it will arrive.

The latin cross is one of the pattern I adopt to trade.

If you combine it with the moving average it is quite difficult to fail.

There is the financial crisis, a lot of people do not find a job, but the markets are still here.

The market gives you a lot of opportunities.

Why don’t grab it?


You need to spend time for earning money. On the contrary you will be a slave of money.

how to be rich with the australian dollar

Markets are a good starting point.

Therefore I’ll provide you few rules in order to understand how to be rich.

The first rule you need to keep in mind is what the stop loss order is.

Be aware, have plans.